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Whenever I see a school bus, it reminds me of my school days when I always used to be late. Those carefree days were a promise of better tomorrow. Those were the days filled with laughter, fighting, crying, making fun of fellow students and playing pranks of teachers.Schooling time is a learning time and character building time. School teaches us life way beyond the subjects and book content. I am sure most of the people would be having friend who is still a friend and the relation hasn’t got blurred with time.School days are the best days of every human being’s life. Let’s take a walk down the memory lane. And recall the things that make us want to go back to school:
• Making the first friend:
Making a first friend in playgroup and sharing Tiffin with them. Formed a group and were so much obsessed with each other that sometimes even forget to eat the Tiffin and get scolding from the mother. The friendship grows to such an extent that when your friend doesn’t come to school, the lectures and the school feels boring. All these memories make me want to go back to school again.
• Birthday celebrations:
It feels so special when you are allowed to wear regular clothes while whole class is dressed in a school dress. And then the entire class wishes you Happy Birthday, and you are distributing chocolate to the whole class and all the teachers, and then taking your friends for a yummy treat. All the memories of these things make you want to relive the school life again.
• Always making an excuse to go out of the class during the period:
Sometimes creating the pretext to go to the washroom, at times hoping that teacher will ask you to call the peon or to get something. During this lucky time, you purposely try to loiter around the school premises and go to class after wasting some time. Many times you try to get along your friends from another class and stroll around. This small harmless mischief used to give so many thrills at that point.
• Praying for a sudden holiday or a free period:
Usually, when the homework is not done due to any reasons. At that time, you desperately pray to God for a vacation. Or the teacher of that subject to remain absent so that you get a free period.
• PT sessions were the best periods:
After the dreadful mathematics time, the PT session is like rain coming in hot summer days. Thinking about what you are going to play today and what exercise the teacher is going to teach looks exciting. For no studies and get to play, you wished to get PT period every day.
• Independence Day, Republic day, teacher’s day and annual day:
You always look forward to these big celebrations. And if you happened to participate in any of the celebrations then the practice time is a great fun to learn different things and chance to be with friends for a longer time.
• The first crush:
You use to laugh at your friends who use to have a crush, but when you fall for someone, just passing by their classroom and having a glimpse of that person use to give immense joy and happiness. That was a pure and an uncomplicated feeling.
• Hiding the report cards and test papers from parents:
When the marks have not come according to the paremts’ expectations, the easiest way to avoid confrontation was to protect the report cards. But parents are much smarter than us. So they used to find out the test paper and report cards and then the scolding and lecture of spoiling the life makes you realize to study harder and fare well in exams.
A Closing Thought
Recollecting the memories of school time is holding on to the things you love. And school days are the most rejoicing and happiest days of any child’s life. Rightly said by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam- “Sometimes, it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because now, when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do”.
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