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A writer is not just one who do it for the sake of work. But who do it for himself and people who admire those words that are penned down so beautifully. Every writer owns his individuality through his piece of writing. At times there are loads of efforts taken to enhance the skill to put it over a next level masterpiece, then it fails and goes into vain so here I have gathered some of the pointers to rescue that.
1) Keep it simple (KIS)
This is not a trend but a necessary step that should be taken whenever you are jotting down a story or a random writing. As you never know what is the audience on the either side.So take care of that.
2) Sit down in a silent place and think
Have some space for yourself and sit down at a garden area looking at the sky or in the green and pen down your basic points that you are going to fair the next morning.
3) Read Books and Magazines
This actually works as you get amazing ideas not by the topic but of course by the writing style and these tips help a lot in getting that perfect count.
4) Make Rough Notes
If you do some rough work before you write can make your work a bit quick and give the exact piece of writing you need.
So friends take a note of it and tell us your experience of the first ever best writing you did for yourself!
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