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If you really enjoy your own space at your place or outside or anywhere, then it is totally your choice. It is not at all necessary to have a buddy or a well-wisher behind you. It’s completely your pick to be with yourself after all if you become judgmental; people will start judging you as well. But at the end of the day it’s your life. Let’s see some of the points that doesn’t make you an introvert..but a self-dependent person for sure.
1. You can have your alone party time.
2. At times there are no negative people around you to keep an eye on whatever you do.
3. Parents become your besties.
4. Books never complain instead they keep you occupied.
5. Going on a walk for yourself..but try not going into the woods.
6. Travel plans are on the rocks with no “flood of conversation”.
I personally have no friends and I am living life to the fullest..what about you?
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