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Relationships with sisters are to be cherished forever. An elder sister is one of the best souls you can cherish, rely on and trust to the most. She will always remain with you during hard times and being a ginomous boon to engulf your problems. No matter how worse or great a situation follows in a ‘Sisterhood’ or a ‘Brother Sister’ relationship, an elder sister plays a special and idol role. Well keeping all sort of emotions in our hearts let’s take a look over the deep felt pointers about an ‘elder sis’.
1) She will love you with her pure heart and pamper you like no one will do.
2) Suggestions given by her would be totally apt and to the point.
3) She will lend you her favourite accessories, clothes and more with no payback.
4) She will guide you whole heartedly when you are stuck in a messed up relationship for sure.
5) The laugh, giggle and tickle will make you feel so fun filled.
6) She will understand you..more than your mum! Trust me..
7) She will let you do what actually your heart says rather than your mind.
8) Spending few moments with her will make you feel like a sweet year.
9) Sharing tons of tiny gossips to big sassy conversation that is what my elder sis holds in her!
Now whenever you meet your loving elderly sis, do give her a tight hug with a warm kiss…and of course..don’t forget to mention your experiences with your elder sister!Love you Infinite di!!
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