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Death can be both saddening and thought-provoking. We all must have for once thought that what happens to us after we die? Do we become a ghost or do we have a second birth? It is still a mystery to us. We are scared of spirits without knowing whether they even exist or not. Did you know, after dying, a body does some fascinating and scary things such as your digestive juices eats your body! Or Left-Handed people die early than the Right-Handed ones! Shocked? So here are the Top 7 most bizarre facts about death which will surely leave you in more shock!
1. Zoroastrian Parsi Community
Different religions follow different rituals and traditions; the same goes with the burial process. The Zoroastrian Parsi Community in India offers its dead to vultures rather than burying or burning them. However, it is reported in the recent decades; the vulture population has declined.
2. Ashes to Diamonds
Nowadays, with the modernization, there are so many post-mortem options available for the dead. You can even get your remains turned into diamonds or dildos.For diamonds, the same process is used to create laboratory diamonds, that process will be used. They will use the carbon from the locks of your hair, or your cremated remains, or maybe both. With the ashes, they will then heat them and compress it for weeks, until a crystal forms.
3.Dancing with the Dead
In Madagascar, people have a weird funerary tradition, where they dig up the bones of their loved ones, re-wrap them in fresh clothes and then dance and enjoy with them. The tradition is known as Famadihana or turning of bones. This ritual is regularly performed in every seven years.
4. Killed due to Handwritten Prescriptions
According to surveys, almost 7000 people have died each year due to misread prescriptions. Yes, if a chemist reads the prescription wrong then you may end up losing your life. People have lost their lives due to doctor’s not understandable handwriting, and it is also believed that unclear abbreviations and dosage written on prescription are risky for life. Amazed? I was the same when I read and then wrote it.
5. Erection and Ejaculation
Surprisingly there are chances that membranes of dead man cells become permeable to calcium which further may activate certain types of muscle cells by calcium ions. It results in contraction of muscles, particularly in the penis, that leads to an erection and even ejaculation after death. This has been observed in men after being hanged.
6. Corpse Wax
In some cases, the body doesn’t decay and develop a waxy substance on the skin which is called the Corpse wax. It can preserve the remains for years.
7. Eating yourself
About three days after your death the enzymes and bacteria in your body start to reach whatever they can; which turns out to be you. Your gut bacteria begins to consume the surrounding flesh. It all starts shortly after death; the cells become deprived of oxygen and become acidic, then the enzymes start consuming your body.
So here were the craziest and shocking seven facts about death which can scare you a little more.
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