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As we know, nothing interesting is ever completed one-sided. We have always known that there are bad movies and good movies but have you ever heard about the disturbing films? You might think that in lunatic talking about something out of the world. But, bank upon me that disturbing movies do exist. Disturbing movies are so weird that they can even cause you mental or emotional problems. If you did not know about the existence of such movies then read this full article as in this I will share some unusual movies’ name that is frightening and extremely threatening. These films, in the end, can leave you hating yourself.
1. Necromantik Movie:
Necromantik movie gives us the heart-wrenching glimpse which disturbs our mental state. In this film, Necrophilia was presented in such a way that is inhuman. I can tell that if you have not watched then after reading this, in brief, you will not wish to view. In this film, a road cleaner brings a decayed dead body to his house for his crazy girlfriend to have sex and later he gets to know that his friend is obsessed with the corpse.
2.The Human Centipede:
It is a modern horror film written by Tom Six. The movie is very threatening and disturbs your mental state to such an extent that you start acting like a mad person. The story tells us a story of a surgeon who kidnaps three tourists, removes their body parts and stitches three mouths to the anus just to bring out his imagination and fascination to create a Centipede.
3. Cannibal Holocaust movie:
Cannibal Holocaust is an Italian cannibal cinema. It is a film which is banned in many countries. The scene in which a turtle gets killed is very much horrifying, and the movie reveals the truth that humans are the most selfish creature in this universe.
4. Aftermath movie:
The Aftermath is a thrilling movie directed by Elliott Lester. The film has various disturbing elements that its imprints will last for a long time. The movie starts with a process of the post-mortem examination of a girl to know the reason of death, but later it turns into sexual intercourse towards a dead body and creates a lot of disturbance in the onlooker's mind.
5. Salo film:
The Salo is an Italian-French film directed by Pier Paolo Paisolini. The movie explores the theme of sexuality, abuse, political corruption and sadism. Few powerful fascists kidnap eighteen teenagers and subject them to more than three months of mental torture, sexual assault and violence.
6. Dead girl:
The dead girl is an American black comedy horror and a frightening film directed by Marcel Sarmeinto and Gadi Harel. The movie shows brutal rape scenes, blood and unbearable pain. Two young school dropout teenagers took a woman in the basement and abused her till she died.
7. Grotesque movie:
The Grotesque is a Japenese horror film directed by Koji Shirasishi. The movie is about a couple who just found their love and plans to go for a date. After some time, they realized that an insane man kidnaps them. The beginning of the film will shake you from inside, and I can assure that you will not watch the full movie.
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