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The word amusement itself creates a state of merriment, and when it is about amusement parks, our fun, happiness and laughter are just double. We youngsters are always tempted towards the adventurous spot and amusement parks provide us with all such adventurous activities which we love to do. The amusement parks accidents which I’m going to share with you in this article will shock you, and you will get goosebumps. The view of these accidents from amusement parks is freaking and frantic. Mostly all the deadly accidents took place during rides because of breaks or any other technical issue. The motive of my article is just too aware you all so that whenever you visit an amusement park with your friends or family, you are safe and secure and away from such deadliest accidents. Below mentioned is the list of the most dangerous accidents and terrifying rides. The sights are so heart wrenching that it creates a shivering sensation on the onlooker's spine.
1. King’s Island – USA, Mason and Ohio
King’s Island was one of the famous amusement parks and is also there on the the list of top ten amusement parks. The amusement park turned to be a haunted and deadly place because of the tragic incident which took place on 9 June 1991. Many people reported that there are sights of a small ghost girl in a blue dress which makes this amusement park more haunting and a terrifying place.
2. The Big Dipper at Battersea Fun Fair:
If we peep in the tragic history of England, then the Big Dipper roller coaster tragedy is the terrible and worst which took place in May 1972 at London Battersea Fun Fair. The roller coaster which has written the most unfortunate history was once the chief temptation of the park for the youngster and public. It was famous for adventure and thrill a young would love to experience. The tragedy took place as the anti-rollback mechanism was failed and lead to the death of five young people and 13 injured were in critical condition. Due to this tragic and deadliest incidents, this fair was closed for two years.
3. Action Park Vernon - New Jersey:
Action Park Vernon – New Jersey has been titled as the worst amusement parks in the records of the history. Due to the carelessness of the working team and employees, many tragedies took place here. There is no count of the injuries it bought to its riders. In its history, more than five people were killed, three cases of drownings, a heart attack caused due to the shock of bitter water and an electrocution.
4. Water Slide at Waterworld USA:
The water slide at Waterworld USA turned deadly in 1997. In most of the amusement parks, water slides are equipped with poor safety precautions which lead to worst and dangerous incidents. A young brat of 17 years of age died due to a crushed chest and more than 30 people were seriously injured were taken to a hospital.
5. Galaxyland Amusement Park, Mindbender:
The Galaxyland Amusement Park Mindbender triple curve roller coaster is the world’s largest indoor coaster. It has created history in deadly accidents. On 14 June 1986, three people were deadly killed. Some fell on the ground or hanged on the track, and some were severely injured in the chest and neck. The incident gave a horrific view to every person present there in the park.
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