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A teenager always faces a constant battle with multiple things. Today’s teens are driven by materialistic things and constantly value those things.They are yet to understand the intricacies of life. And when they fail to achieve those things, they end up taking extreme steps. If you follow these advices, we bet you can achieve a successful teenage life.
Whether you fail in an exam or ditched by a girlfriend, never commit suicide. You have no idea about how life will give you surprises even after struggling with lot many things. This too shall pass. Nothing remains forever. Enjoy the struggles and love to cherish the happiest moments of life.
Don’t give a f**k about what your neighbouring friend is doing or what subjects he has chosen. It doesn’t matter to you at all. Consult your favourite teacher for help to choose the best subjects. Do what interests you. It’s you who have to study those subjects not someone else.
No two people are same in the world. Every person has come in this world with a unique purpose. Don’t jump to conclusions. Invest the time to learn skills that help you later. You have enough time to prove yourself. If one door closes, the other one opens. Just explore and continue to enjoy your life without chasing people.
Saying ‘No’ to other person has numerable benefits for you. However, it is one of the difficult things to do when it comes to your friends. You don’t want to go for a trip or a cinema or to hang out at a restaurant with a friend. Give him a strong reason. He will not lose you. If you start valuing your time, it will also values you in the long run.
Around one billion people are on Facebook, yet six billion people have no access of social networking sites. In short, don’t spend hours on Facebook for chatting and scrolling. Use it judiciously.
Neither you can become like Bill Gates nor Mark Zuckerberg in life. Studies are extremely important in contemporary times. Kill your damn ego and complete the degree. Your college and university degree matters.
Friends are part and parcel in our lives. We usually make friends in school or in a college. However, try to differentiate between a classmate and a friend. Make some good friends who can stay with you for longer.
Parents are the only people in this world who remain with your forever. They spend sleepless nights to fulfill your dreams. And they will continue to love you from the core of their heart. Never leave them. Always show respect and be polite with them. Period!
Read read and read. Read anything that adds to your knowledge. Read beyond your subject books. Read a newspaper, a book in a week or a favourite magazine. The more you read, the more it helps.
Don't lose respect for yourself. Did you know the youngest CEO is just 12 years old, many teenagers become authors and entrepreneurs? The fact of the matter is that nobody knows what to do ahead. As a teenager, your aim should be to learn and explore everything that comes in your way. And these things will eventually help you in your life.
Designed By Vikas Kakkar
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