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1、As everybody knows about Hitler, here are some weird facts about him:-
2、William Patrick Hitler was Hitler’s nephew who fought for U.S. Navy against him
Born to Alois Hitler, in Liverpool, England, initially served Hitler later moved to the United States. There he served U.S Navy in World War II and fought against Germany.
3、Crush on a Jewish Girl
The girl named Stefanie Isak was Hitler’s youth crush. Hitler never had guts to propose her but fantasies of committing suicide along with Stefanie Isak, and also of kidnapping her. This marked Hitler as an extremist in every aspect of life.
4、Injected Bull Semen
In order to help his sex life, he injected bull semen. To boost his libido (sex energy) he actually did this, else he had a bad sex life with his lady.
5、Had Spelling Problem
He too was human, but nobody can think this bad. Hitler had spelling problem like many of us.
6、Fart Problem
One of the hilarious fact which I came across. People around were not that happy not only because of his dominance but due to his extreme gastrointestinal problem. You will laugh aloud if you google “Hitler’s fart”, for results are entertaining.
7、Relationship Rumors with His Niece
Possibly sexual relationship rumor is widespread with Geil Raubal, his niece. Hitler spent utmost of his time with her, and it is said she was very close to him. In the end, she committed suicide.
8、42 Assassination Attempts
Hitler was lucky to escape them all. Most of the attempts involved German Reich’s citizens.
9、Hitler a Vegetarian
Yes, Hitler was distressed by animal suffering and animal cruelty’s image. Mostly, he keeps his diet on veggies.
10、Aspired to Become a Priest
When Hitler was very young he wanted to become a priest. When Hitler was four, he was saved by a Cleric from a freezing lake. Can anybody think one who wanted to serve god all of sudden wanted to become a god.
11、Chocolate lover
Hitler ate the indecent amount of chocolate, 1 kilogram a day. He himself was never sweet but he loved sugar. He was once witnessed of adding a spoonful of sugar to a glass full of red wine. Hot chocolate, pastries and the abundant amount of whipped cream were always on his mind.
12、Inventor of sex doll
Hitler had ordered sex doll for his troop. To prevent distraction and various diseases like syphilis, for caring for his soldier’s need. At first, the designer approached Kathe von Nagy so that they could model the Silicon dolls. Eventually, she refused, the Nazis unsurprisingly selected blue eyes blonde form to “soothe” their army men.
13、Whistled All The Time
He whistled the whole songs and compositions. This depicts he was fond of music especially, classical music.
14、He Never Learned Driving
The art of driving was never Hitler’s cup of tea. However, he controlled the development of the Volkswagen car. He couldn’t drive but he wanted to use race car to both restore pride and self-confidence of Germany, after the Treaty of Versailles.
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