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There are many amazing facts about your body in which your navel plays a very vital role. Now you must be thinking how, well your belly button needs to be pampered in a different way that includes some massage, oiling etc. By following these simple steps you will be able to enhance the beauty of your skin with less amount of work. So take a look at these.
1) Apply neem oil on your navel
As you put some neem oil on your belly with a little bit of rubbing, it helps you getting rid of white spot on your face.Yes its very true!
2) Apply lemon oil on your belly button
Lemon oil helps in removing face pigmentation giving you a clear and spotless skin instantly.Trust me!
3) Apply Almond oil
This magical ingredient helps in bringing glow to your face which you have never experienced with an extraordinary shine.
4) Apply butter
Massaging a bit of butter on your navel smoothens up your body skin with endless suppleness.
5) Apply mustard oil
Putting this oil on your navel while bathing can make your lip more pink and remove all the chapped and cracked dead layers on it.
6) Apply wet dipped cotton
You will be amazed to know that applying wet cotton on your navel can make your menstrual or periods pain vanish, giving a sense of relief forever.
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