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How a cursed turned true for many people who didn’t believe it’s true. There are many things in our world which are still unexplainable or beyond our knowledge and scary too. The paranormal activity is one of them. I’m going to tell you a story about how a chair becomes haunted by a dying man’s curse.
This is the chair which is believed to be haunted and the reason for many deaths and now is hanged inside a bar shop in North Yorkshire. Trust me there were true incidents when people sat on this chair and died after some hours.
Firstly the owner of the bar thought that it could be coincident but when strange things happened, again and again, he had to hang it on a wall so that nobody can sit on it.
Who Cursed It?
Thomas Busby used to go to this bar and this was his favourite chair. He got angry whenever anyone used to sit on this chair. One day when his father-in-law sat on this chair and cracked jokes about it, Busby killed him. For this crime, he was hanged.
Before his death, he said that if anyone will sit on this chair after his death, he/she will die. He cursed the chair.
• The first death was a cleaner who sat on the chair to take some rest and he fell through a roof and died.
• A delivery man sat on the chair while it was stored away; he died in a car crash that evening.
• A chimney sweeper dared to sit on this chair and was found hanging from a gatepost next to the bar.
This is the real Busby chair. I know it looks like any ordinary wooden chair. But if you ever visit this bar in the US don’t make a fun of it or sit on it.
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