Intelligent and Efficient Mobile
Advertising Network
Acquire New Users

Have nearly thousand application developers use MoppoMobi advertising platform SDK, 

covering large crowd tens of millions of users in many countries around the world can 

be effective for advertisers to provide kinds of users, various types of advertising on demand

Target the Right Users

MoppoMobi allowed on the target segment to the country, the brand, area, equipment, 

operating system, network condition and so on parameters, at the same time there will

be a customer manager to provide data on the effect and help to improve on the conversion rate

100% Transparency

Provide detailed advertising display, click on the transformation, download, 

installation and so on real-time data, as well as relevant national geographic 

data, advertisers can query and analysis of advertising performance

Various Marketing Models

Provide CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI and so on a variety of business cooperation mode, 

advertisers can choose any mode

Localization support

Our team in southeast Asia, India, Russia, South America and other regions 

of the applications, games and electrical business promotion has accumulated 

rich experience, can provide customers with localized strategy and user location

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