Solution for Help Developer to Find
The Value of Traffic
Ad Form

Advertising display forms including banner, plaque, application list,

the suspension frame, combined with the landing page of the effective operation,

to attract users to click on ads, at the same time, the user will not cause too much interference

Large Amounts of Offers

more than 600 advertisers and more than 3000 advertising resources of Worldwide,

involved in southeast Asia, India, Russia, South America, Middle East, Africa, China

and other regions of cash resources, can effectively enhance the value of flow rate

Excellent eCPM and Fill Rates

Through our liquidation system, traffic and advertising resources can be effective docking, 

let each flow have reliable precision relevant ads, finally get the best wide eCPM and fill rates

Multidimensional Data Analysis

Provide multidimensional data analysis, including wide eCPM, display number, click-through rate,conversion rate, filling rate, countries such as multidimensional visual Angle,

makes the operation can effectively optimize the advertising in order to obtain the highest income

Merge others DSP

Advertising SDK incorporates such, at the same time, 

Facebook advertising alliance, and other well-known DSP factory

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