About us
MoppoMobi was born in 2014, focusing on the development and operation of mobile Internet software, MOPPO is the abbreviation of mobile product Provider&Operator, core services on behalf of the MOPPO is and around the mobile products innovative R & D and fine operation.
The company's core positioning on browser and leisure light hand tour of the R & D operations, products have been obtained recognition and use of tens of millions of users.

On this basis, build a service realization of mobile developers design flow and flow in the complete solutions, as well as for advertising to provide industry-leading wireless internet marketing solutions, aims to improve wireless advertising efficiency, optimize the advertiser experience, and bring in more revenue for developers, and promote the harmonious development of the mobile application ecosystem.

Company wide advertising platform has been built on a close relationship with thousands of smart mobile applications, has become the majority of mobile developers and advertisers preferred mobile advertising platform.

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